Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gammy's Oatmeal Pancake Recipe

Every summer, we load up and go to North Carolina, Montreat, to be exact. It usually takes us anywhere from 12-14 hours driving from Tulsa (depending on my bladder and if my husband allows us to stop).  Montreat is 20 miles east of Asheville. Kent grew up going to Montreat every summer, it is his Heaven on Earth. Montreat is a very small college town, with a post office, a town office, an inn, residential houses, a few stores and a few churches.  The college also doubles as a conference center during the summer. 

Six years ago this April, we were engaged at the top of Lookout Mountain (also in Montreat). I am not really what you would consider "athletic", so when Kent was begging me to go for a hike, I was not sure I could make it (the trail is 0.57 miles, I know I am pathetic but the air is a little thinner). After huffing and puffing my way up the trail and finally regaining my breath and strength, he got on one knee and asked me to marry him. 

Lookout Trace is also special to Kent's family, it was dedicated to his grandfather, Gamboo (picture below). 

Below: Me on top of the World :)

We took Bear last year, he loved hiking Lookout

One of our favorite things to do is get up super early and watch the sun rise over the mountains, or watch the sunset.  The Smoky Mountains are beautiful! Seeing the mountains makes you wonder how people can even question whether there is a God or not.  

Kent also likes to "rock hop" and build dams, I swear he turns into a little kid when we get to the mountains. This is him with Logan and Carson, his cousins, playing in the creek, dam building and catching crawdads.  

Montreat is a very low-key place. Because it turns into a conference center during the summer, there are many things to do from Friday night square dances to various activities throughout the week (our favorites are tie-dying, pottery and felting). I like to take lots of books and magazines, as well as cards and board games to play at night. 

Ok, so I know I have posted a lot of breakfast/brunch foods on here, but it is my favorite meal.  This recipe came from Kent's grandmother, Gammy.  We would talk her into making us breakfast at her cabin when we were in the mountains.  

This recipe is very simple and delicious, the oatmeal gives the pancakes texture.  It also leaves you feeling fuller, longer, because of the oatmeal.  Here is what you will need:

cups oats (uncooked)
2cups buttermilk
½cup flour (can use whole wheat)
1teaspoon sugar
1teaspoon baking soda
1teaspoon salt

Put oats and buttermilk in a bowl, stir and let set 10 minutes.

While letting your oats set, put all of the dry ingredients in a bowl and stir up.

Fold dry ingredients into oats and buttermilk.
Crack eggs and stir in a separate bowl. 

Fold eggs with the rest of the batter (just until blended, no need to over mix). The batter will seem thick.

Turn skillet on Medium heat and let get hot then spray with non-stick cooking spray.  Cook until browned on both sides. Since these are a little thicker than regular pancakes, they may be harder to flip, the quicker you flip them, the less mess you will make (at least that's hat I tell myself).  

I like to put fresh fruit on my pancakes, today's choice was bananas.  I also used my handy banana cutter that "Santa" brought be for Christmas.  

I sprinkled powdered sugar on top, everything is always better with powdered sugar! I used maple syrup, but blueberry syrup is also quite delightful on top! This made about twelve (12) 4 inch pancakes. If you have any left over, they are even better heated up the next day! 

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