Sunday, April 10, 2011

Agave Granola with Mango

Well, I am now 6 days past my due date, I am growing impatient.  So once again, I am eating (and blogging).  This recipe is from Brunch at Bobby's.  I have never made my own granola, but this was a super easy recipe to make along with being healthy and delicious.  The only downfall... it is almost impossible to stop eating.  It may be more cost efficient to get some of the ingredients on the bulk food aisle of the grocery store.  

This recipe calls for Agave syrup.  It may be somewhat hard to find, but our local grocery store actually carries it.  Agave syrup comes from the agave plant, it is also the same plant from which tequila is made.  It is a natural sweetener that is similar to honey or maple syrup.  

Here is what you will need:
¼cup canola oil
¼cup agave syrup
¼cup clover honey
1teaspoon ground cinnamon (optional, I am not a big cinnamon person)
2tablespoons light brown sugar
1teaspoon vanilla extract
3cups old-fashioned rolled oats (not instant)
¾cup slivered almonds (or whatever slivered/chopped nuts you prefer)
½cup raw sunflower seeds
½cup raw pumpkin seeds
½cup wheat germ
2tablespoons ground flax seed
¼teaspoon salt
1cup diced dried sweetened mango (optional, you may also add a different dried fruit if you would like.)
Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F. Line a ½-sheet pan with parchment paper.
Mix together the oil, agave syrup, honey, cinnamon, brown sugar, and vanilla extract in a small bowl until smooth. 
Combine the oats, almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, wheat germ, flax seed, and salt in a large bowl. Add the wet mixture to the dry mixture and stir well to combine making sure everything is evenly coated. 
Spread the mixture evenly onto the prepared sheet pan.
 Bake in the oven, until golden brown and crisp, about 25 to 30 minutes.
Remove from the oven and let cool slightly. While still warm, break into clumps. Add the dried fruit (optional) after it has cooled. Serve the yogurt in bowls and top with some of the granola and a drizzle of honey. Store the leftover granola in an airtight container in a cool place.

I like to eat it on top of yogurt, or when you just need something to munch on.  My dog Bear also approves, apparently he loves the granola!

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