Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fruity Sangria

Well, once again, it has been a while since I have posted anything.  However, this recipe will make up for it!!
Kent's sister got married last weekend and all of his family came into town.  On the Wednesday before the wedding, we had Johnny Carino's take out and everyone came over to our house.  I decided to make Sangria, my favorite thing about sangria is all of the fruit. So, I started looking up different sangria recipes, combined a few and adapted according to what ingredients I already had.  
Here is the recipe:
½C sugar
¾C orange juice (Florida's Natural, of course)
C mango rum
cup spiced rum (I used Sailor Jerry's)
C Grand Marnier
1bottle red wine (chilled)
Sprite, 7UP or Sparkling Water (optional)
Fruit (feel free to add to or take away, all is optional)
1lime (I used 3 Key limes, it's what I had)
handful of Maraschino Cherries
Frozen or fresh pineapple
Clean and cut all fruit.
Mix orange juice, mango rum and spiced rum, Grand Mariner and sugar in a bowl.
Let fruit soak in bowl with liquid for a couple of hours or overnight.
Put mixture in punch bowl or large pitcher. Pour in red wine and stir. If it is too strong for your likings, or if you want a little fizz, add sprite or sparkling water.
This recipe is pretty hard to mess up, you can omit or add anything to the sangria.I also made orange juice ice cubes to put in the sangria so it would not water down, just add more flavor. Target had citrus ice cube trays for $1.00, so I bought a tray.  
I doubled this recipe and it was great, although it did not last very long.