Saturday, December 1, 2012

Why Lick Your Lips? and the first batch of donuts...

When trying to decide what we should call our mini-donut business, we were trying to think of something creative.  The naming process took longer than naming both of our kids.  I had about 20 different contenders, some of my favorites included: Gooch's Smooches, Sugared with Sprinkles, Gooch's Sweet Spot :) and Lick Your Lips.  Upon doing much research on names, I found a couple of You Tube videos on licking your lips when eating powdered sugar donuts.  Apparently, it's a hard thing not to do.  So I thought it would be a perfect name...and then we could have donut eating contests with no lip licking allowed. 

We are slowly coming along... yesterday we went to Mac's Aluminum in Broken Arrow and picked out the siding for the trailer.  My husband decided to take the travel trailer down to the trailer frame itself ...If you are ever in need of aluminum siding, I would recommend this place.

When you open any type of business, there is all kinds of paperwork you have to do.  We finally got our state of Oklahoma sales tax permit.  Yay!!

So, I was getting antsy,  we have had the donut machine for about 3 weeks and I was itching to make donuts.  We put both kids down for a nap, started the machine (it takes an hour to heat up to the right temperature)... and I started mixing sugars, infusing things... make the donut batter and of course... both kids wake up.  So, it was a rushed hectic donut making hour-filled-with-fun!

I also made it to Reasor's and bought supplies for "gourmet" donut toppings and hot chocolate mix ingredients. Experimenting with different flavors is going to be sweet!

We did finally make donuts and they were quite delicious!

Cinnamon and Sugar with honey

Fruity Pebbles... it tastes even better than it looks!!

They were all Stapleton approved!. ;)

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