Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Website and Recent trailer pictures

We finally have a website up and going.  It will be more complete when we get closer to being able to actually sell our delectable mini-donuts. The trailer is still coming along nicely, but we are definitely ready to have it completed so we can show off our labor of love.

Please check out our new website... and let me know what you think.

I have a whole new respect for web designers, it is certainly not as easy as one would think. I used a platform called Moonfruit, because it was supposed to be "user-friendly." Still, it was over my head at first, but then I slowly started to finally figure it out, kind of...

We also have a logo and design for the donut family, thanks to Beth (Kent's sister) and Layne (my brother).  I tried to be computer savvy , but once again, Photoshop is beyond me, so I oversaw the creative design process.

Kent and Christopher have been working on the trailer when they have had the chance. It may seem slow going, but when this project is completed, the trailer will have actually been rebuilt from the frame up!

We have lights!

We have a floor and part of the wall. 

Lots and lots of wiring was involved.

Rear lights.

Kent and I are also officially "Food Managers" according to the Tulsa County Health Department. While we won't reveal the scores, let's just say that some fared better than others!

We also finally have a Tag and a Title for the trailer on the way.  There was no record of either for the trailer so we had to file a Title 42, and 3 painful months later...we should be good to go.

Trying to start a business (as small as it may be) has been a learning process.  I have a new respect for entrepeneurs and those willing to take a chance on themselves and start a business.  

All that being said, hopefully we are not too much further out from selling delicious mini-donuts!