Sunday, August 25, 2013

Shark Week

Every year, thousands of people tune into Discovery Channel's Shark Week.  So, we decided to join in on all of the fun and create a menu based off of Shark Week! #Sharkweekdonuts #megalodonut

The Pina Colada, Mini-Donuts drizzled in Cream de Coconut, whipped cream and fresh pineapple.  

The Captain, Mini-Donuts drizzled with vanilla and topped with Captain Crunch. 

Shark Snack Smores,  Mini-Donuts drizzled with chocolate and topped with fish shaped graham crackers and marshmallows.

All three flavors were a hit!  So now, not only will thousands of people will be tuned into the Discovery Channel next year, thousands of people will be anticipating what new and exciting Shark Week mini-donuts we will have!

In other news, here is Stapleton in his Shark Week attire:

  He is a goofball, he took his sister's hat and was only wearing it because it was irritating her. He loves playing in the water, sometimes the water hose is the best baby sitter!

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