Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Golden Hurricane Mini-Donut(s)

This last week we created The Golden Hurricane to show our support of TU's first football game of the 2103 season.  Kent graduated from the University of Tulsa so we like to attend as many TU events as we can. So what better way to show our school spirit than through gourmet mini-donuts.

After much experimenting we decided to go with powdered sugar, whipped cream, blueberry drizzle and our tart lemon curd atop mouth-watering mini-donuts.

It was very well received with all of our mini-donut eaters at Guthrie Green. We even had a special visitor from The List Tulsa, Shack. He stepped into the trailer and watched how we go about creating the Golden Hurricane. The interview was a lot of fun and it was even more fun to watch as it aired that night.  Mr. Shackelford was hilarious, adding that "the best way I can describe them is little bits of Heaven, little nuggets of Jesus."  Here is the link to the video.   We are around the 40 second mark.

                           Stapleton (always the ladies man) at his first TU Football game last year

Stapleton this year at the first home game against Colorado State. Larken stayed home and rooted on the Golden Hurricane over the TV, but she'll be there soon enough.   

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