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Inspiration is defined by Ol’ Mr. Webster as something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create: a force or influence that inspires someone. 

Without the inspiration of Hans Christian Anderson, Walt Disney wouldn’t have had The Little Mermaid or Fantasia.  Without inspiration, Henry Ford would not have thought of the idea to use assembly lines as he saw in the meat packing plant to create affordable cars for average people. Think of how many of Shakespeare’s plays have inspired and shaped movies, books and literature. 

You ever hear how TOMs got started? Reality star and entrepreneur Blake Mycoskie was in Argentina to learn how to play polo, in the backcountry, he discovered some of the local people wearing simple yet incredibly comfortable farming shoes. So he was sitting on an Argentinean polo field one day and had an epiphany. He liked the shoes and the style was not in the United States yet, so he redesigned them the way he liked them and started his own company, TOMs. 

When we started thinking about starting our own company, we were influenced and inspired by many things.  As I have stated before, I love to bake, cook and entertain, I have for as long as I can remember.  When we travel, we always look for local eateries.  So, many places have influenced what went into our company.  The first time we had mini donuts was in Copper Mountain, Colorado, in this quaint little log cabin (Sugar Lips). We had a couple dozen cinnamon sugar donuts and were impressed!

We did some research and found most people sell their mini-donuts out of a food cart or trailer.  We looked to see if there was anything like this in our area.  Of course there was nothing like it in the state of Oklahoma.  So we ordered a machine and got to work on our business plan. After talking to The Tulsa Health Department, they said the easiest way to do what we wanted would be to do a food truck or trailer. We started looking at the food trucks, they were very expensive and we didn’t really need all of the equipment. We looked at the trailers, but there was not much to choose from in Tulsa. After doing much research online, we decided to look for a vintage trailer and re-do it. When we finally found one, we ended up re-building it from the axels up (so it IS one of a kind)! We did what we could afford at the time. While I was searching food trailers, I was inspired and I found some adorable Vintage Food Trailers/Trucks…

 Funnel cake

Snow Cones




Ice Cream
Here are some travel trailers I found that were also great inspiration. 

These two websites are great inspiration for vintage campers, I love looking through their pictures and seeing all of their neat ideas!

We still needed an added touch to tow our beautiful trailer with and when a family friend offered to sell us her vintage truck in the same era as the trailer (1970s), we had to buy it. That is what inspired us to paint our trailer the color we did, Chevrolet Medium Green.

I  was also inspired by the scalloped design of these trailers...


Through our adventure I have actually made a friend in Tennessee who is also remodeling a vintage trailer to sell mini-donuts out of. We have become pen pals via Facebook, sharing tips and tricks, and she too has also become an inspiration for myself. 

When trying to come up with a name for our company it was like naming a child…When I Googled mini donuts one of the first things that came up was the contest on you tube: try to eat powdered sugar mini-donuts without licking your lips.   Although we had over 50 options, we polled family and friends and Lick Your Lips won by a landslide. 

Our business cards were inspired by our product (obviously) and Kent's sister was inspired by us when she drew our donut family. 


Now, even more when we go on trips we “have to do business research” and try out numerous tasty treats, especially donuts!  Our most recent trip to NYC, we visited the infamous Doughnut Plant and tried a few of their flavors, including their Peanut Butter and Jelly Donut.  This donut inspired our “Mod” Donut (along with the wonderful encouragement of Mod’s owner).  

While I realize there are other donut shops, vintage food trailers, vintage donut trailers, we have taken something and made it our own. We are very proud of the hard work we have put into building, restoring and creating something from the ground up. We also have a lot of fun creating different and unusual donut flavors, as well as traditional favorites. We have great plans for the future and hope to inspire others just as we have been inspired by so many. 

Photos courtesy of Google. 

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