Sunday, November 10, 2013

WHOISMOTCOT Winner and Eat Street Tulsa

If you live in Tulsa, you probably have seen "Who is MOTCOT" everywhere and wondered what it is all about.  Well…here is what it is, directly from their Facebook page.  

This nonpartisan campaign is designed to reverse low youth voter turnout in Tulsa by making civic service relevant through public art and social engagement.

Who is MOTCOT (Mayor of the City of Tulsa) is a six-week social media and public art campaign designed to encourage young adults to register to vote and participate by voting in the November 12, 2013, mayoral general election in Tulsa.

This nonpartisan "get out the vote" campaign (#whoismotcot) is designed to (1) encourage eligible 18- to 29-year-old young adults to register to vote, and (2) allow them to interact with the two mayoral candidates, Mayor Dewey Bartlett (R) and former Tulsa Mayor, Kathy Taylor (D).

The youth vote of Tulsa has the power to determine the next MOTCOT ... if registered voters between the ages of 18-29 vote in the general election on November 12, 2013.

We wanted to be a part of an important movement and tried to think of a way to help encourage young people to vote, so we decided to encourage them through their taste buds.  This is what we came up with…

"The Dewey" Mini-Donuts covered in Mountain DEW cream sauce (think Key Lime Pie), whipped cream and white chocolate chips. 

"The Kathy" Kit KATs, potato chips and sweet caramel drizzle. 

We tweeted both candidates and WHOISMOTCOT to get the word out about our WHOISMOTCOT mini-donut campaign. Below, Kathy Taylor took some time out of campaigning to visit us at Guthrie Green and tried "The Kathy".  

The campaign continued at Eat Street Tulsa, Tulsa's Food Truck Festival. Keep reading to find out the winner! 

We had a great time at Eat Street, we stayed busy the entire time! We appreciate all of those people who came out to Eat Street and tried all of the delicious food, making it a huge success for the food trucks. We loved meeting so many people and watching them try our donuts. (Thanks to Jeremy Moore for the Eat Street pictures.)

In the end, we sold out for the very first time and we were crowned the "Crowd Favorite." 

We cannot wait until next year! A very special Thank You to the organizers (Jo and Chris Armstrong and Josh and Tammy Lynch), they did an amazing job!

As for our WHOISMOTCOT Mini-Donut campaign winner...believe it or not, it came down to a tie. Both were scrumptiously delicious in the stomachs of the voters, so now it comes down to you Tulsa! Research the candidates and issues and head to the polls on Tuesday to make your voice heard. 

                                                                         GO VOTE!